♥  Meet Bell!

Bell is an adorable Goldendoodle who just loves the beach! She enjoys long walks and runs on the beach chasing her ball, swimming in the ocean, and digging giant holes! She is very friendly and may say hello to you and your furry friend!

♥    Meet Rocket and Winnie The Pooh!  ♥

♥    Meet Penelope   ♥

Penelope is my fur baby and my best furry friend for life! I did not want to hurt her feelings by not debuting her on my website. She is a playful terrier mix who loves her daily walks and snuggles with mama. She and I both agree a bow in her hair makes her look very sophisticated!

Rocket and Winnie the Pooh are twin Standard Poodle  brother and sister! They are very fun and playful and love to run for hours on the beach chasing each other and swimming in the ocean!

♥    Meet Sophie Doodle!   ♥

Sophie Doodle is a very fun and playful pup! She loves to play hide and seek and has loads of personality! She has the longest prettiest eyelashes and is very soft!